New Acton and Phillip
3/21 Marcus Clarke St, New Acton ACT 2601
Telephone 02 6281 7788
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If you want to benefit from actual Pilates, learn from Registered Pilates Instructors trained by PilatesITC

Check out the new classes at both Phillip and New Acton studios: Matwork, Reformer, Booty Barre and Equipment based Classes

About Pilates Canberra

Established in 1996, Pilates Canberra has evolved from a home based operation to its current structure of two connected studios that use the same philosophy and Pilates training structures.

Our Goals

  • To enable clients achieve their self image, strength, flexibility, movement and fitness goals and potentials
  • To use Pilates principles and repertoire to improve the fitness and lifestyles of all clients
  • A place for clients to feel welcome and appreciated as individuals, who are assessed every time they come in and therefore advised and progressed accordingly. So we provide programs to rehabilitate, cross-train or specifically focus on an athletic goal, work with pre and post natal, design to overcome disorder specific challenges, focus on overall toning of the body, and improve your strength and flexibility
  • To provide the highest quality instruction through continuous education of our teachers who are in turn motivated and passionate about Pilates instruction for every individual.
  • To enable all clients to be part of a family of people who care about your goals and welfare

Do you want to be a Pilates Instructor?

Pilates Canberra studios are the major Work Experience Facilitation (WEF) Sites for PilatesITC – the largest and oldest Pilates Specialist Register Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia. With thirteen years of facilitating Pilates students through the Pilates specialist government accredited courses, Pilates Canberra offers ongoing student clinics, hands on supervised work experience from initial to later stages, and ongoing feedback and evaluations. All PilatesITC course notes and repertoire are available online to provide 24 hour access to all students, and the supervised work experience hours can be gained on site through Pilates Canberra studios. Lanette Gavran (Director of Pilates Canberra New Acton) is Director of Curriculum for PilatesITC so Pilates Canberra serves as the primary Site for students in the ACT and regional NSW.


Pilates Alliance Australasia

All Studios are registered with the PAA – the largest industry body for Pilates in Australia. The PAA is the only Pilates Industry body in Australia that is not financially connected to it’s own training organisation. It was established with transparent standards of education across Pilates methods that provide Pilates educational standards providing government recognised qualifications such as Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in the Pilates Method. Pilates Canberra has been a PAA studio member since the inception of the PAA. For all information on the leading Pilates Industry Body please go to: