Matwork Classes


During this important time for developing foetus and mother, it has been shown that exercise may beĀ of great importance to assist with the changing and growing needs of the mother during the pregnancy and also during and after birth.

The classes are designed to accommodate women of varying trimesters in the one class, through the use of props and assists such as triangular cushions, arcs and swiss balls. Also, Pilates small apparatus such as exercise bands, magic circles and small hand weights are used to increase strength during these classes, as well as traditional and adapted Pilates mat work repertoire to focus on core strength.

The latest scientific information on pre-natal training is shared, home exercises are given and important exercises such as Kegals are explained and practised.


This 60-80 minute class is for participants have been attending Pilates for a number of years, and are currently practising Pilates (both equipment and Matwork) a minimum of twice per week with structured sessions.

Exercises such as Roll Overs, “the Classical Five”, Jack Knife, Swan Dive should be familiar names of repertoire to participants at an Advanced level.

These classes are challenging and explore repertoire in a structured and flowing manner that leaves the participant feeling well worked by the end of the session.


The Fundamental Matclass is for anyone who does Pilates once twice a week for fun, general health or cross training benefits. These classes teach the participants the foundation principles of Pilates like pelvic and shoulder stability, pelvic floor and transversus abdominus co-activation, as well as generally strengthening the core and the hip extensor complex.

This level is ideal for any healthy body who wants to explore Pilates. All participants who come into this class must have completed a Concepts class or have previous Pilates experience.