I don’t have time to exercise……..

A quote from one of Canberra’s successful business people:

“I have been going to Pilates for well over 20 years, at least twice a week, one to one (private lessons). I have found private lessons to be more effective for me as I am a very busy person. I start very early in the morning for 1 hour, as early as 6am. Even if I feel tired at the time by the end of the training, I come out full of energy and with a clear mind. I recommend Pilates to anyone, young and old. No matter how busy you are, you’ve got to make time for yourself to keep fit, irrespective of age, for anyone who cares about their health, fitness and longevity. For me, exercise is key.”

I have been working with Tim since 1996 and at times have seen him up to 5 times per week in his quest for health and longevity. He is one of our many inspiring clients who has consistently made time to exercise despite a hectic schedule. I believe that Tim’s similarity with other business people who succeed in continuing exercise during his rather extraordinarily busy life is that he has made exercise and Pilates a priority in his life.

From memory he has slept through his alarm only twice in now twenty-one years, when he was scheduled to see me (I think I’ve also slept in twice for the record – so we’re even!). Tim inspires me to get up at 4:30 in the morning, and to continue to be the best possible person which includes maintaining optimum health and strength.

I get that you are busy – and I am busy too, LET US make health a priority in your life. At first it is hard to find the time and to do the exercise if you haven’t been regularly; however once you create a habit out of exercise it becomes less difficult and actually fun so that you look forward to it during the day. You look forward to it the night before and it helps you to get through the busiest of days.